Posted on: January 25, 2010 6:50 pm

Jets Loose AFC Championship, But What A Ride

Well, we lost to the Colts, but I'm OK with that. The NY Jets have gotten the farther into the playoff than they have since 1998 but there are differences. That was the pinacle of the Parcells era for the Jets. It led to that transition of power mess with Belichick bailing to New England and one year under Al Groh. Groh split for Virginia, what a mess. Today we have Rex Ryan who has a cohesive coaching staff and has started out doing as well as the Tuna ever did for the green and white.
Back then it was Vinny Testaverde, he was as good as he was going to get. Today, we have Mark Sanchez who  has great potential and has shown glimmers of brilliance. He is all upside.
We have the number 1 Defense in the league and there is room to improve it. It seems pretty plain that Rex has his eye on making those improvments. Like the Tuna going to get Curtis Martin, todays Jets go after players they want;Sanchez, Green, Scott.
Jets fans should feel good about this season and what's to come. It was a great time and there's more to come. Now, when do pitchers and catchers report?
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